Specialists in monthly public negotiation training, sales negotiations, short in house training courses, contract negotiations, and customized private in house training courses.

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Private Negotiations Training

Learn to negotiate for what you need while strengthening relationships with customers, colleagues, and even friends and family members

Virtual Win-Win Negotiations

Strengthen the negotiation skills of any negotiator through extensive role-playing, interactive exercises, real-life field work and team coaching.

Training Over 50% of the Fortune 500

Since we started out in 1979, we have trained over 1.5 million individuals to reach their maximum potential in the workplace. Thousands of companies, including ExxonMobil, Sysco, Bank of America, and over half the Fortune 500 have depended on us as their valued training partner.

Years of Experience
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Helping Improve Negotiation Skills Worldwide

Our Negotiation Courses

Our approach begins with unique classroom and online training. We then use a mobile learning reinforcement tool and gamification to augment more traditional individual, manager and team coaching. We take the training a step further by providing the ability to embed online training inside most CRMs and other software to provide learning and coaching during normal work flows.

The Negotiation Training Institute is a dynamic offshoot of the American Arbitration Group. As an Alternative Dispute Project founded in Philadelphia and Rochester New York in the early 1970's the innovative founders and faculty, whose Bachelors, MBA's, PhD's and Law programs are some of the most original and creative practitioners, facilitators and training experts in North America. The Negotiation Faculty recently received a prestigious national award for innovation in negotiation entrepreneurship for their sales negotiation and contract negotiation education. This award is a culmination by NTI's selection by dozens of the fortune 500 companies to implement their win win negotiation training concept of power negotiation which offer eight distinct negotiation training workshops. ExxonMobil's Procurement Department has licensed this program and delivers it worldwide as does Texas Instruments, and many other notable companies both large and small.

NTI also provides highly specialized negotiation and business education opportunities for mid-career and executive-level professionals. NTI offers concentrated, intense training seminars featuring the latest in cutting-edge thinking, strategies and tactics, all presented in a stimulating, challenging format. All training either at your site or ours. Public Negotiation Training Courses are available monthly.

Contact us today to discuss your specific negotiation training needs or to sign up for one of our public courses.

Lockheed Martin, a global leader in aeronautics and electronics, information and global services, and space systems, has requested Win-Win Negotiation Training from the Negotiation Training Institute.

Merrill Lynch, now the wealth management division of Bank of America, has requested that the Negotiation Training Institute provide Win-Win Negotiation training for their staff members.

Wells Fargo, one of the oldest and best-known institutions in America, has selected the Negotiation Training Institute to deliver a series of Win-Win Negotiation training seminars for its employees.

SAP, the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services, has renewed their agreement with The Negotiations Training Institute to reprise Win-Win Negotiations training for SAP's global staff.

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"This negotiation training course definitely improved my understanding of negotiations and will help me achieve better outcomes in my job."
-- Matthew Karr Industrial Hygiene Supervisor Houston Texas

"Excellent, very useful tools, very practical, and easy to put in place in our day to day work"
-- Marcos Sanchez Industrial Hygiene Supervisor Houston Texas

"This class has given me more confidence going into any negotiation talks in my line of work."
-- Tammy Schweiner Agrochemicals Acct Mgr Houston Texas

"Teacher was well informed and enthusiastic. Fun and informative negotiations class."
-- Paul Miller Account Manager Houston Texas

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