Some negotiations are relatively simple and straightforward. But in today's competitive global economy, negotiations can involve intense, high-stakes interactions, revolve around complex issues, or affect multiple parties. When facing these more sophisticated situations, negotiators need higher-level skills and strategies.

Picking up where our acclaimed Win-Win Negotiations training course leaves off, our Advanced Negotiations Course is designed to help even seasoned negotiators develop the more advanced skills that can make the difference between getting what you want and settling for what the other side will give you.


  • Develop detailed insights into the behavioral styles, tendencies, issues and interests of the other side in advance of the actual negotiation.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the other side's interests and positions during the discussion phase, providing options to gain or offset leverage.
  • Craft and deliver an effective set of proposals, obtain valuable information about the other side's strategy, and get the negotiation moving in the best direction.
  • Smoothly navigate the often long and complex bargaining phase by knowing when and how to ask for or offer concessions.
  • Recognize and counter negotiation tactics so that the negotiation process keeps moving forward in a constructive manner.

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