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Our Negotiation Skills Seminars and Workshops are  available throughout Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, and Allentown, PA.

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Our Public Negotiation Training Courses and Public Negotiation Seminars are available in a standard format that we can offer your employees in house or we can customize complete negotiations training programs for your company or organization. We do not charge for minor customization.

Training Seminars & Workshops: are scheduled for both groups at your offices or through our open enrollment courses: We do offer Negotiation Skill training programs to the general public.

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“This course had more useable content in one day than any other trainings combined. It was excellent!”

Nikole Meckley, National Foodservice Sales Manager, Ateeco - Selinsgrove Pennsylvania

“Your instructor adds value to this course, and this course added value to my career.”

Larry Skrzysowski, Landman - Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania

“I liked the interaction with the instructor and other attendees. My experience with your staff was friendly and on point.”

Kathy Hamby, AF&L Ins. Co. - Warrington, Pennsylvania

“I liked the visual portions; videos help drive the point home, plus refreshing skills that may be getting old. Peggy was great!"

Cathy Acciarito, FSAM, GE HFS - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

"I attended your Contract Negotiations seminar in October of this year and was impressed as to how many facets of procurement enterprise buying were previously missed or unknown by me. Your Instructor was an industry expert (CPM certified) and taught us to overcome concerns about purchasing, personal communications, neutralizing sales tactics and proper and professional management was thoroughly covered and practiced during the case study and the six recorded role plays. Oh, thanks for keeping the lecture down to less than 20% of the class time. It was a hands on day of hard work. I loved it."

Margaret Chassell, Procurement Manager, USX - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Personal Negotiation Tactics

Whether we like it or not, all of us eventually have to deal with uncomfortable negotiation situations. Unfortunately, there are far too many people out there that would like nothing more than to take advantage of those of us who handle our affairs honestly and ethically. There are also those who, while there intentions are honest, are adept at utilizing negotiation tactics and can quickly turn a negotiation strongly to their advantage. The best way to avoid catastrophic negotiations that lead to painful (financial, logistical or personal) situations is to become more skilled at handling negotiations. Our two-hour Personal Negotiation Tactics workshop is designed to help new or experienced negotiators become more capable of using negotiation skills and tactics in everyday situations. These tactics can be utilized in any situation, regardless of whether one is negotiating financing on an automobile purchase or the use of internal resources on a large-scale implementation project.

The central tenet of our information-packed Personal Negotiation Tactics training program is simple – individuals deserve to be able to handle negotiations effectively and avoid the tricks and tactics utilized by dishonest and opportunistic individuals. Our workshop teaches people from all walks of life – those in the corporate world, homemakers, non-profit volunteers and others - the proper way to handle negotiations. By utilizing proven negotiation methodologies and tactics that can be utilized in nearly any situation, our Personal Negotiation Tactics training seminar empowers participants with the ability to effectively negotiate positive outcomes. Proven learning methodologies in this content-rich training workshop are designed to help participants feel comfortable about handling a negotiation. Group exercises, self-assessments, activities and discussions reinforce the learning process in this program. The concepts taught in this class help minimize conflict, strengthen relationships and seek rewarding conclusions during negotiations.

Personal Negotiation Tactics training program participants will learn to:

  • Prepare for unexpected or planned negotiation situations
  • Understand the concerns of parties during a negotiation
  • Utilize tactics to deal with conflict that might arise during negotiations
  • Increase personal effectiveness when negotiating
    Overcome obstacles that may impede discussions
  • Understand how to communicate more effectively with people
    Flex their personal negotiation style based on verbal and physical cues
  • Strengthen rapport and build chemistry
  • Focus on interests and issues that lead to common agreement
  • Recognize and defuse dirty tricks and tactics
  • Apply questioning skills to determine concerns, needs and priorities
  • Identify areas of concern and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Increase satisfaction and work towards positive outcomes
    Utilize tactics to understand personal needs before discussions take place
  • Increase personal effectiveness via honest and effective negotiation tactics

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Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, and Allentown

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