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Our Public Negotiation Training Courses and Public Negotiation Seminars are available in a standard format that we can offer your employees in house or we can customize complete negotiations training programs for your company or organization. We do not charge for minor customization.

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Training Seminars & Workshops: are scheduled for both groups at your offices or through our open enrollment courses: We do offer Negotiation Skill training programs to the general public.

"The Win-Win Negotiations Training course was just excellent. I really enjoyed the lecture that was given and In the future I will implement all the skills I learned. The class was very simulating, especially the part where we were doing role play. "

Patrick Goggin
Chicago, IL

"During the Win-Win Negotiations Training course I enjoyed the role playing. The speech on the preparation for negotiations was very educational and useful. I learned how to adjust to different personalities and use that information to my advantage. This class was very insightful and I learned a lot about myself as well. "

Curtis Luecke
Chicago, IL

"My Opinion on the Win-Win Negotiations Training course is that they did a very good job teaching and keeping everyone on their toes. It really gave me another perspective on the different types of negotiations. I was given more strategic advice on how to plan your negotiations, to write down all your issues, and to understand the other side’s position. "

Tom Butler
Chicago, IL

"During the Win-Win Negotiations Training course I really liked how the teacher taught us how to determine the type of negotiating personalities we all have. Some of the skills I enjoyed learning about were how to plan thoroughly prior to negotiations, and to “think” more. "

Vince Alley
Chicago, IL

"My favorite part of the Win-Win Negotiations Training course was the actual negotiations with the group. I believe the teacher really knew the information well; he did a very good job explaining it to the group and getting everyone involved. "

Don Henry
Chicago, IL

"I did enjoy the class. I liked how it got into the tactics people use in negotiation, as well as different strategies to employ in negotiation.
There were 4 role plays over the 2 day class... The main lesson I took was to make sure you do your homework! Which I know sounds pretty basic, but a large part of the training was about asking questions and making sure you have as much information as possible. By asking questions, you are also helping to establish a relationship and gain an understanding on where the other party is coming from. It also takes the focus off of being positional and back on the issue at hand."

Colleen Wills
Sr. Category Manager, OTC
Novartis Consumer Health
Deerfield, Illinois

"The energy in our presenters and the role play examples were the best part of the program. The course content was excellent. Considering the limited amount of time to present everything the instructor did a fantastic job."

Heidi Billings
Global Sourcing Analyst
McHenry, Illinois

“The best parts of the (Managing Negotiations) program included great speakers, good materials and role plays that provided good learning. The Baker staff has strong commitment to servicing their customers.”

Jane Johnson
Director of Global Sourcing
McHenry, Illinois

"All too often, we participate in workshops, seminars and the like and walk away closing the door behind us wondering what value could ever come out of the days we just wasted. It is with great pleasure, but without surprise, that I send you this note to personally thank you for the "excellent and effective" Win-Win Negotiations workshop I attended in Houston last year..."

Carl A. Udovic
Amoco, Exploration & Production Technology
Naperville, Illinois

“I liked the role play. Scott was great and very professional.”

Jerry Chavez, Sales manager
Air New Zealand Cargo
Chicago, Illinois

International Negotiation Skills

Negotiating with international customers, vendors and prospects can provide countless opportunities for business professionals. The decrease in communication and productivity barriers over the past ten years has made it much easier for companies to expand operations into international territories. Yet, most negotiations on an international scale come with distinct challenges that far too many domestic-based professionals are poorly equipped to face. Varying negotiation styles, cultural differences, communication, international law, language barriers and other roadblocks can all work in concert to turn a simple negotiation into an arduous affair. Both experienced negotiators and those who are relatively new to negotiating on an international scale can benefit from communication strategies and negotiation skills to increase their effectiveness at the negotiation table. Our fast-paced yet highly informative International Negotiation Skills training workshop is designed to teach proven negotiation skills to participants while keeping the particular characteristics and challenges of working on an international scale in mind.

Regardless of whether you have to negotiate with business partners in EMEA, suppliers in Asia or customers in South America, our International Negotiation Skills class is designed to help anyone involved in international negotiations. Business professionals, government officials and association representatives will benefit from this highly interactive, two-day negotiations training course. The International Negotiations Skills training program focus on the use of principled negotiations via time-tested negotiation concepts and skills practice. This workshop teaches business professionals how to seek to build a “win-win” for all parties involved in a negotiation by focusing on common interests while strengthening relationships. Time is also spent analyzing communication styles and understanding how flexing to varying communication and negotiation styles can positively affect discussions. This highly interactive negotiation course utilizes role playing and simulation sessions, individual self-assessments, group exercises, activities, roundtable discussions and lectures to reinforce the learning process. Training modules are designed to increase skills transfer those who must negotiate internationally both internally and externally.

International Negotiation Skills participants will utilize skills to:

  • Understand the unique challenges faced during international negotiations
  • Learn how miscommunication and language barriers can derail discussions
  • Plan for simple or complex international negotiations
  • Handle nearly any negotiation situation, regardless of size, term or culture
  • Place greater emphasis on planning and strategy
  • Become more effective when handling negotiations in person or on the telephone
  • Minimize conflict and roadblocks by utilizing principled negotiation strategies
  • Understand the needs of different negotiating types and cultures
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry
  • Focus on interests and issues that lead to common agreement
  • Apply questioning skills to determine attitudes, situations and priorities
  • Adjust their negotiations approach based on verbal cues and behavior
  • Identify areas of concern and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Recognize and disarm dishonest negotiations tactics
  • Handle negotiations in an ethical manner that strengthens relationships

Training Skills Seminars, Courses & Workshops: May be scheduled at your offices Monday through Saturday.

For free information on how we can help with your negotiation training needs (no obligation) please fill in the following form and one of our trainers will be in touch within one business day.

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