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"I just wanted to drop you a note, thanking you again for the individual instruction last week...I wanted to let you know that I thought of you today when, after finishing lunch with a former coworker, I saw a hair (clearly not my own, since I'm bald) in my salad remains. I made the server aware and then just politely asked what they do in these situations. I didn't even ask for a concession, and the manager came over, apologized and took my meal off the check.

See -- it works without even trying! Think of what I would have gotten if I wished a little!"

Barry McCann
Everglades Direct, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"I took what I learned and spent two years on the road working with over 900 company employees, with much success. I became much more efficient dealing with customers and personnel. The self-esteem and confidence I now have is immeasurable. 

I left the company in 1990 and moved back to Florida to become a fishing guide. Some might say all he needs to know is, where the fish are. But with 300 guides competing for customers in the area, you better have the skills and knowledge to set your self apart from the rest.

Every day I use these negotiation skills, from rates, times, schedules, numbers of people, number of boats, right down to convincing a three year old why he has to wear a life jacket."

Capt. Steve Futch
Fishing Guide
Boca Grande, Florida

“I really enjoyed the role play portion of the program followed by the discussions of the science. Everything was excellent, and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the material. The training staff was very helpful in every aspect of the program.”

John Cersari
Florida Turnpike Enterprise
Program Manager
Ocoee, Florida

“There were several aspects of the program that I enjoyed very much. The lecture itself was great, the book that was provided was very helpful, and the nice use of the role playing really helped solidify the material. The staff was great, and our instructor was very knowledgeable.”

Ken Mongan
Florida Turnpike Enterprise
Materials Engineer
Pompano Beach, Florida

Contract Negotiation Skills

Recent changes in accepted business practices, new legislation centered on the way corporations must conduct business, privacy concerns, corporate scandals and other factors have changed the way contract negotiations take place in the 2000s. More and more organizations are now requiring vendors, partners, customers and other entities to utilize boilerplate contracts and other documents to govern every facet of a business relationship. Conversely, contracts have become more complex and require a greater deal of analysis and negotiation before they are signed. Contract negotiations no longer take place over a matter of hours. Rather, understaffed and overworked contract departments, overly protective corporate legal departments and longer decision-making cycles require that businesses approach contract negotiations carefully and rationally. Our Contract Negotiation Skills workshop is designed to aid individuals who must negotiate contracts on an intermittent or regular basis.

This highly participatory, two-day contract negotiations workshop teaches key skills and concepts that empower participants with the ability to become more effective when negotiating contracts. The Contract Negotiations Skills training program focuses on the need to develop and strengthen the negotiations skills of participants via practice and proven negotiation philosophies. Built around the theory of principled negotiations that seeks to build a “win-win” during contract negotiations, our workshop teaches participants how to focus on common interests while strengthening relationships and working to build a mutually beneficial contract. This interactive seminar utilizes multiple learning techniques to reinforce skills transfer. Simulation sessions, communication assessments, group exercises, instructor-led discussions and lectures reinforce the negotiations learning process in this class. Each phase of the multi-step negotiation process – from planning and preparation to the conclusion of contract negotiations – is covered. Participants who attend the Contract Negotiations workshop will be prepared to handle nearly any contract discussion, regardless of size or complexity.

Contract Negotiation workshop participants will learn to:

  • Prepare for contract negotiations with vendors, clients and partners
  • Place greater emphasis on planning and strategy
  • Increase effectiveness when negotiating in person or on the phone
  • Reduce conflict and overcome obstacles that may come up during discussions
  • Get around “deal-breakers” that can derail a negotiation
  • Understand the particular needs of different negotiating types
  • Deal with the unique challenges found during contract negotiations
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry
  • Focus on interests and issues that lead to common agreement
  • Work as a team with a common negotiation language to increase effectiveness
  • Apply questioning skills to determine requirements, situations and priorities
  • Adjust their negotiations approach based on verbal cues and behavior
  • Identify areas of concern and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Recognize and defuse dishonest negotiations tactics
  • Handle negotiations in an ethical manner that strengthens relationships
  • Negotiate better contracts to increase satisfaction and deliver stronger outcomes

Negotiation Training Skills Seminars, Courses & Workshops: May be scheduled at your offices Monday through Saturday.

For free information on how we can help with your negotiation training needs (no obligation) please fill in the following form and one of our trainers will be in touch within one business day.

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