In a sluggish economy, both your company and your suppliers will be angling for the best deals. Here's how both can win! Suppliers are frequently far better trained in negotiations than the purchasers who deal with them. This hands-on course helps restore the advantage to the purchasing professional. You'll gain insight into your own negotiating strengths and weaknesses-and then structure your own strategic and tactical negotiating "master plan."

Purchasing vice presidents, directors and managers; purchasing agents; newly appointed and experienced buyers and consultants and executives in the logistics and materials management functions will experience a workshop that will give them the upper hand in the purchasing world once and for all. The Art of Principled Negotiations is a set of skills you and your employees will be able to use in any and all negotiation situations.


"I thoroughly enjoyed this negotiation skills training! Jeremy is an excellent fit for this course! He presented material in a way that I will easily remember. He made learning this material FUN! I will start using the course handouts immediately. "

Peggy Jude
Project Manager
Columbus, Ohio 


Exceptional Negotiation Skills Training

  • 5 Tips for Making People See Things Your Way
    The goal of any negotiation is to get the other side of the table to see things your way. Hmm, how are we going to make that happen? What you are going to have to do is to become skilled at finding ways to support the position that you are taking. In order to get better at doing this, I've got 5 tips that will boost your skills...
  • Are You an Ostrich or Angry?
    The better way is to just talk about the issue in a non-confrontational, but businesslike atmosphere - person-to-person using neutral, non-emotional language with a goal of clearly defining the issue and discussing how to best resolve it.
  • Are You A Spoiled Brat Negotiator?
    One of the biggest reasons most people SUCK at negotiating is because it's all about ME, ME, ME!
  • Ben Franklin's Power Close
    In his autobiography Ben Franklin tells of a tool he developed to help him make important decisions. Sometimes he was faced with a choice between two different courses of action to take.
  • Beware and Be Aware
    Be aware and don't let your guard down. Even if you think the negotiations are going well, don't be lulled into complacency. Always be alert and vigilant and make sure you understand the ramifications of any agreement.
  • Communications While Negotiating
    How many times have you encountered a situation while negotiating, misunderstood the situation, initially, and then got a different impression of the situation after you had the opportunity to reevaluate it?
  • Conflict Resolution & Peacemaking Cross-Culturally in a Foreign Country
    Cross-cultural conflict can be increasingly demanding and far more exhausting than dealing with people within your own country and culture.
  • Does Anger Affect Your Negotiating?
    Does anger affect you when negotiating? When negotiating, no matter what occurs in the negotiation session, you should always keep your end goal in mind. You should not allow yourself to lose sight of your goal as the result of what your opponent says or does.
  • Don't Just Complain - Suggest a Remedy
    So far this year, my gas and electricity supplier has put up the price of my fuel three times. In fact, they put it up twice in the last week. This was a situation that called for me to employ my negotiating skills.
  • Magic Avon Lady
    No matter what field, business, title, or industry you're working in, here's the magic step: when you have to deliver bad news at work, offer a solution along with it. This technique is a high performing tool of negotiation.
  • Dealing With Them Smart
    Negotiating skills are needed during all business interactions, be it acquiring a new client, striking deals with suppliers, hiring new employees or even keeping the ones you have. Bear a couple of things in mind to negotiate well
  • Poor Negotiation Skills: Lose Your Shirt in 7 Days
    I've seen intelligent folks negotiated out of a great bargain, denied of a critical bank loan, flunk at an IPO road show and even kicked out of their houses by their spouses.
  • Put On Your Negotiation Hat
    Are you a savvy negotiator? If not, you may want to brush upon your bargaining skills before you attempt to sell your home. Here are some great negotiation tips for you to consider.
  • Expansive and Open-Ended Questions
    Generally speaking, open-ended questions yield much more useful information than closed-ended questions.
  • The Rule of Reciprocation
    The rule of reciprocation, which says that we should try to repay in kind what another person has provided us, is the most potent weapon of influence we as humans possess.
  • The Telephone And Conflict Resolution
    When negotiating, what is the best way to handle conflicts? When one party is under an impression that they feel is contrary to their best interest, how do you maintain the relationship and the good will between the two of you? Depending upon the situation, you could be in for a tough time
  • When You Negotiate, How Do You 'Give Up' Information?
    When you negotiate, the questions you ask, and the manner in which you do so will determine the information you receive. That combined with the information you give, when responding to questions, will have a great bearing on the outcome of the negotiations.
  • Why Discount to Increase Sales?
    In this economy, many things are just too far out of reach for most people. Even the fabulously wealthy are trimming back their wild spending habits a little.

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