One of my favorite negotiation tools is rich in US history. It was developed from something one of the founding fathers did.

In his autobiography Ben Franklin tells of a tool he developed to help him make important decisions. Sometimes he was faced with a choice between two different courses of action to take.

When he wasn't sure which course to take he would first get out a blank sheet of paper. Next he would draw a big "T" on the paper. On the top of one side of the "T" he would write the word Pros and on the other side he would write Cons.

Next he would then brainstorm and write down all the pros he could think of for going ahead with the decision. Then he would write all the cons he could think of for not going ahead with the decision.

When he was done with that exercise he said his answer as to what to do was clearly there right on the paper. The one side would have a lot more items than the other side and that was the side that told him what to do.

In my negotiation skills training I teach negotiation skills that create win-win outcomes. It is sales training with integrity. The reason I like what is referred to as the "Ben Franklin close" is because it creates a win-win by getting to truth for the customer.

If your prospect is hesitant about his buying decision I like to tell them about Ben Franklin's decision making tool. Then I suggest we try it to help come to the right decision.

If you did your fact finding, product selection and product demonstration correctly the Ben Franklin close confirms for your customer the truth that you selected the right product for them.

Your negotiation skills training action item:

The next time your prospect is on the fence about a buying decision my sales advice is use the Ben Franklin close. This will help your customer make the right decision.

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