In a sluggish economy, both your company and your suppliers will be angling for the best deals. Here's how both can win! Suppliers are frequently far better trained in negotiations than the purchasers who deal with them. This hands-on course helps restore the advantage to the purchasing professional. You'll gain insight into your own negotiating strengths and weaknesses-and then structure your own strategic and tactical negotiating "master plan."

Purchasing vice presidents, directors and managers; purchasing agents; newly appointed and experienced buyers and consultants and executives in the logistics and materials management functions will experience a workshop that will give them the upper hand in the purchasing world once and for all. The Art of Principled Negotiations is a set of skills you and your employees will be able to use in any and all negotiation situations.


"Worthwhile two days, I learned many useful negotiation skills, I am glad I took the course."

Jon Robin
Advisor Geologist
Houston, Texas 


World-class Negotiation Skills

  • 10 Guidelines for Effective Negotiation Skills
    Never enter into any agreement or negotiation from a point of desperation. The moment you show how desperate you are, you disarm yourself of the bargaining power. The value of the transaction will be compromised by your appetite & apparent desire. Rather stand back, gather yourself & your thoughts & reschedule the talks. Often we place a price tag on goods based on our needs. No one desires to spend more than the real value of product or service.
  • Aggressive Negotiators Are Bullies
    Bullies on the playground-you thought that you had left them behind in grade school along with bloody noses, homework, and the mean school principal. Yet, the same bully behavior can appear when you are confronted with an aggressive negotiator.
  • Best Practices: See A Much Bigger Picture
    In a dispute, for example, if you are willing to pursue all settlement, and then all legal avenues of redress, paying the costs of appeals and delays, you'll probably wear down the other party, who is substantially less committed.
  • Conflict Resolution & Peacemaking Cross-Culturally in a Foreign Country
    Cross-cultural conflict can be increasingly demanding and far more exhausting than dealing with people within your own country and culture.
  • Establish Solid Vendor Relationships to Weather an Economic Storm
    Price and service are not the only criteria for establishing vendors or suppliers. All suppliers have standard working agreements. Other benefits, however, are available "only for the asking". A vendor can be a long term partner. Your success and future profits will rely heavily on what they offer on your behalf. This is most important considering the high cost of merchandise and supplies. The initial agreement sets the basis for additional profit.
  • Negotiation Skills: Getting Where You Want to Be
    The importance of negotiation skills training is talked about all the time. But is it really that important? There are at least two ways to get good at improving your negotiation skills without visiting a negotiation seminar.
  • In Negotiations One Side Does Not Have All the Power
    When you go to the negotiation table often it appears that one side controls all the power. When the company president meets you to discuss your raise it may seem as if you are helpless and have no power at this table. However, rarely is this the case. You should examine the situation closer to find out what the truth really is.
  • Mark Twain and Negotiation
    As I read and reread these quotes, I see how many are relevant to negotiations and mediation. Here are a few
  • Negotiating Concessions
    First of all, effective negotiation skills will NEVER make up for poor selling skills or attitudes. With that as a given, let's look at some of the negotiation problems common to many salespeople today. Let me give you four basic negotiation concession concepts/premises, and then a little more detail on them.
  • Negotiating to Maximize Profits
    6 reasons that underpin the establishment of a strategic organisational negotiation capability
  • Negotiating With Friends
    When you negotiate with friends and loved ones, do you find the negotiation to be more difficult? Over the years, thousands of people have told me they consider themselves to be good negotiators, except when it comes to negotiating with someone they have strong emotional ties to. There are several phenomenons at work during these negotiations.
  • 9 Body Language Tricks to Improve Your Negotiation Skills
    Strong negotiation skills are hugely advantageous throughout one’s life, from the boardroom to the bar. These skills largely rest on your ability to back up your words with physical actions that exude openness, honesty, and confidence. This fosters trust and increases the other party’s desire to react cooperatively and reach agreement.
  • Presenting Your Case For A Raise
    In fact, since the past decade, salary growth has not been able to keep up with the rise in consumer prices. In summer of 2006, consumer prices went up by 4.2%; however, the salaries for non-executive white-collar jobs were expected to rise by only about 3.6%, according to consulting firm Watson Wyatt Worldwide. With the United States facing an imminent slow down this year, things certainly don't look very good on the salary front.
  • Recession Proof Your Negotiations
    Do you think it's easier or more difficult to negotiate in tough economic times? Well, it depends. I've been asked by many people, if it's easier or more difficult to negotiate during a recession. The answer I've given is it depends on how well a person can read body language, and the overall negotiation skills they possess.
  • Secrets to Powerful Negotiations
    We negotiate every day. There are negotiations in sales, customer service, interviewing for a position, and relationships between vendors and suppliers. The most powerful tool in negotiations is not what we say, it is what we hear. Make a checklist of these five items and apply it to your next negotiations.
  • Successful Negotiation by Listening Up
    There are so many books and articles on negotiations in the market. After reading so many of such books, i come to distill one important aspect to winning negotiations. We need to listen attentively. Whether you are negotiating a million-dollar deal, selling to customers, providing customer service, dealing with spouse, recruitment or even simply just trying to agree with a friend on where to go for dinner, the key to getting what you want is understanding the other party's perspective. We are talking about his point of view and what he cares about.
  • Ten Easy Ways To Discount And Lose Money
    Many business owners end up passing on discounts to their customers without intending to. Are you guilty of any of these profit-reducing practices?
  • The Power Of Persuasion In Negotiation
    It is always interesting to take a look at some of the ways negotiators go about their business. Before reading through some of the content that follows, note that it is regarded as of the utmost importance to use all means of persuasion or negotiation techniques honestly and not with the sole purpose of benefiting yourself at the cost of others. The use of any tactic of negotiation presented below should create something of value to both sides in any interaction.
  • The Silent Negotiator
    All too often negotiators are too quick to respond. The pace of their negotiations get faster and faster and before they know it they have reached a deal they are not really happy with.
  • Negotiation Skills Training That Counts
    The importance of negotiation skills training is talked about all the time. But is it really that important? There are at least two ways to get good at improving your negotiation skills without visiting a negotiation seminar.
  • When is Negotiating Not Negotiating? 4 Tips for Improved Success
    When you left home for work this morning, did you feel ready to face the day knowing that you were going to have a number of successful negotiations? Chances are, the word "negotiation" never entered your head. Perhaps it should have!
  • Which Single Word Will Strengthen Your Negotiations?
    The lesson learned is to always give a rationale and make it a good one whether it is to answer your children, request a raise, or asking for a favor.We can no longer say "because I said so"

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