Participants learn to unleash their negotiation power. In this highly interactive case study driven Contract Negotiation Skills course, the emphasis is on the process of negotiating the contract itself—the legal document that governs the business relationship between the parties. The course highlights the practices that world class business managers must be aware of when negotiating contracts, and how to avoid the pitfalls of simple contract terms and conditions. Through a series of case studies participants learn an easy to use process approach to building successful contract driven relationships. The participants learn and display all the key considerations and steps involved in planning, conducting, and documenting contract negotiations. Real-world case studies based on current construction, engineering, and advanced procurement examples expose the participants to perspectives of both buyers and sellers and how to maximize their position in real life situations.

Strategies, tactics, and counter-tactics for improving Contract Negotiation Skills are discussed and the terms and conditions of when to use them and when to merely neutralize them is emphasized. Practical exercises teach participants how solid analysis of business and project risks during business development can translate into successfully negotiated contracts. Learning how to analyze terms and conditions, how to recognize potentially risky and unacceptable terms, and how to negotiate successful deals by overcoming obstacles are introduced in a measurable format. The course includes proven best practices used by successful companies worldwide. This data is based on the Conference Board’s propriety data by specific engineering, construction, major oil companies and oil service related firms. 


"Great interactive negotiation course. I think everyone in an industry that requires negotiation (which is virtually everyone in a business setting) should take this course."

Nancy Zhao, EDF

"The negotiation course was much more than what I expected"

Mary Anne Britton, Senior Buyer - Novi Michigan

Top-rated Negotiation Course

  • Best Practices In Negotiation: The Importance of 'Talking Story'
    One of the things I learned, when I was conducting a seminar at Hawaii Pacific University, is that successful negotiators in the Aloha State learn to "Talk Story."
  • Negotiation Tips For Small Business
    When you are negotiating for the business as a small business owner, then it will be very useful if you follow the business negotiation tips for small businesses. These are very important for getting the outcome that is beneficial for everyone concerned. A successful business negotiation can make a great difference for you and your business.
  • Chinese Business Banquets
    For a raucous good time, nothing beats a Chinese banquet. The Chinese love to conduct business while eating, and if you are lucky, your trip will include one of these feasts. The atmosphere is very different from a formal Western dinner. While a Chinese banquet can often seem rowdy, there is in fact a deep foundation of etiquette.
  • Conflict Management - Using Principled Negotiation to Resolve Workplace Issues
    A good agreement is more than just getting to "yes." A good agreement is one which is wise and efficient, and which improves relationships.
  • Create Win-Win Negotiations - Make People Want to Negotiate the Deal with You
    If you can learn to create win-win negotiations, then you can make people want to negotiate the deal with you.
  • Developing Winning Negotiation Outcomes
    When you negotiate, how do you position your offer in order to enhance the probability of reaching your goal(s)? The way you position your offer, to a great degree, determines whether it will be accepted as presented, downgraded, or worse, completely ignored.
  • Doing Business in China - Successful Negotiations
    The Chinese negotiating team tends to concentrate on developing a friendship with the member in your group who is most sympathetic to them. Later, they will pursue all their objectives through that individual, playing on the feelings of friendship, obligation and guilt.
  • Emotion and Negotiation
    Emotion in negotiation is a very common thing. Yet, many negotiation authorities suggest that being emotional is a sign of a weakness or is the behavior of an unsophisticated negotiator
  • Fear Is Here to Stay
    So sang rock musician Elvis Costello. And nothing creates fear like the prospect of a negotiation. People are fearful about negotiation for many reasons. They fear negotiation because of a lack of control, they fear losing, or maybe they fear that they will be outwitted and embarrassed by an aggressive party.
  • Five Strategies to Negotiate Any Sale
    The sales negotiation process can seem like a miserable chore when the parties involved resort to underhanded tactics and sneaky methods to get what they want. But one of the most important aspects of effective negotiation is that everyone leaves satisfied, not feeling like they?ve been swindled out of a good deal. To prevent this cheated feeling, you need to follow a strategy for your negotiations.
  • How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World
    "Getting More: How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World: by Stuart Diamond presents his "12 invisible strategies that change everything you thought you knew about negotiating."
  • How to Ask for a Raise - Without Asking
    If you're looking for an increase in salary and/or title, then you need to learn how to ask for a raise.
  • How to Get Your Business Plan Approved and Selected
    Businesses are different from each other, and thus each business plan is written for a completely different reason. The very first thing, thus, to keep in mind is exactly what you are writing it for. If it is going to be used for receiving funds, make sure that in the document the businesses most important message is sent across well and strongly.
  • It's Not Just About The Price!
    Price is the driving factor when negotiating a new business electricity or gas deal but don't fall into the commodity trap as suppliers will catch you out.
  • Negotiate Like the Pros - Eleven Common Mistakes Inexperienced Negotiators Make
    Red flags. Warning signs. Flashing lights. Shrieking Alarms. Any time you are negotiating and you realize you're making one of the following mistakes STOP ... take a deep breath ... and collect your thoughts. You may be on the slippery slope to a really poor agreement.
  • Negotiating With Angry People
    When you negotiate with people who are angry, what strategies and tactics can you use to combat their anger?
  • Questioning in Negotiation - Restrictive Questions
    To develop a successful negotiation strategy, you have to know your counterpart’s needs and goals. Skillful questioning will help you gain this information.
  • Salary Negotiation Strategy to Get That Salary Increase You Deserve
    There are a few important things you have to keep in mind and follow properly when applying your salary negotiation strategy, no matter how badly you want to get that raise. Your salary negotiation strategy should be prepared ahead of time.

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