If you're looking for an increase in salary and/or title, then you need to learn how to ask for a raise.

But, what if you could get a raise without ever even having to ask for one?

Here's how to justify your desired raise or promotion in two simple and tangible steps:

  1. Kindergarten 101: Raise your hand. In school, we were taught early on to raise our hand whenever we had a question or comment.The same concept should apply in your meetings and conventions. If you have something positive to say, or an intellectual and thought-provoking question, raise your hand. Proverbially or literally, just speak up!Most people go into these situations thinking about tonight's guys' night out, or those enticing doughnuts in the middle of the table. All they want to do is get this boring meeting over with, so they can get on with their day.By adding value, you will instantly set yourself apart from your average co-worker, and over time, your boss will absolutely take notice.
  2. You have to be seen to be heard. Much like the obligatory meetings mentioned above, presentations are at the bottom of most people's "I'd Love To!" list.This is where you can set yourself apart even more, because the vast majority of people shudder at the thought of public speaking, whether on a small scale at an in-office meeting, or a larger scale company-wide conference.In fact, you may shudder yourself, but get up there and do it anyway. You will quickly become the go-to source for questions and suggestions, as well as getting more and more comfortable with public speaking.This skill is one of the most valuable in terms of projecting your value and management skills to an entire audience.

Perform these steps consistently and diligently, and you won't ever have to know how to ask for a raise, because if you're boss is smart, he'll offer one just to keep you around.

Of course, if he doesn't, these steps will make the simple act of asking a lot easier and more fruitful.

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