Win-Win Negotiations for Salespeople is a two-day course which focuses on the need for developing and strengthening the sales negotiation skills of your salespeople, while keeping in mind the need to maintain lasting, beneficial client relationships. This hands-on course uses extensive digitally recorded role plays, exercises, games and personal feedback to improve participant’ abilities to communicate, negotiate, and handle difficult negotiation situations.

Heavy emphasis is placed on planning and executing both one-on-one and team negotiations. With these improved skills, your employees will be able to handle any face-to-face or telephone negotiation situation, both internally and externally, with greater confidence and a positive impact.


"I found this course to very informative, offering exact tools to improve my sales performance."

Al Burns
Houston, Texas

Winning In Sales Negotiation

  • Are You Afraid To Negotiate?
    When you're making a purchase, are you afraid to ask for a lower price? When you're selling something, are you afraid to ask for a higher price? If you find yourself in either situation, you're not alone. Many people are afraid to ask for a lower price when they're making a purchase, or ask for a higher price when selling an item. There is a psychology involved in both situations.
  • A Short Checklist To Help You Plan For A Successful Negotiation
    Successful negotiation is all about preparation. If you have not given prior consideration to the other party's position, you will struggle to understand their breakpoint let alone drive them towards it. Understanding their position and perspective can only come from thorough preparation. I hope that this short checklist will help you as you prepare for a successful negotiation.
  • Winning Before the Negotiation
    I was recently the fly on the wall at a negotiation. The negotiation itself is a result of longterm planning in most cases. This article details what to do before entering a business negotiation.
  • Escalation As A Negotiation Strategy
    Escalation can be a highly effective negotiation strategy. Having unlimited authority in a negotiation can seem, and is, powerful, but it can be equally dangerous. If your client thinks that you have unlimited authority, he or she can read that as a green light to keep driving for more.
  • Haggling in China
    Hopefully during your business trip to China you will have some free time for shopping. Except in the high-end department stores, this involves haggling. In Chinese, this is called "chopping prices" or "talking about prices". It's an art form completely unlike the orderly system of the West. It does have a sort of etiquette, however. Even if you speak no Chinese, you can avoid being badly screwed by playing smart.
  • How to Avoid Being Manipulated During Negotiations
    In the sales profession, not everyone you interact with will be an ethical negotiator. And a difference in standards can potentially cause serious problems in the negotiation process. Some people enter negotiations with no interest in forging mutually beneficial agreements. These types are only interested in getting what's good for them, and they don't mind abusing other people in the process; they play hard ball. So if someone won't meet you on your level, you need defense tactics that will keep you from getting steamrolled.
  • How to Negotiate
    Before reaching the negotiation stage of selling any business a lot of hard work should have been carried out on both sides. The vendor must ensure his company is totally ready for the sale and any potential purchaser should have carried out due diligence.
  • How to Talk Convincingly
    Talking convincingly is an art, which is to be mastered by people who want to get to the top of any stream. If you know how to talk convincingly, then you are a winner in every walk of life. A person who knows how to talk convincingly is also a great problem solver. He is able to bring the problem to the front of discussion and solve the problem with in no time. He is also a leader who knows to talk convincingly. Following are some important points to keep in mind to talk convincingly. He can use his convincing skill to negotiate a business deal, to promote a product or service etc.
  • Negotiate And Win Using Body Language
    In tough economic times, you can still achieve successful outcomes when you negotiate, but you have to use slightly different tactics and increase your skills when it comes to reading body language. It's a given that people will try to maximize the use of their resources during a recession or other economically challenged times. If you can read and interpret body language (non verbal signals), you will have a better understanding of the gestures and other responses you receive while negotiating.
  • Negotiate Successfully Through Touching
    When you negotiate, do you observe meanings conveyed through touching? I remember the words to a song from years ago that went, 'the touch of your hand makes me understand that I'm your woman and you're my man'. All of that was conveyed in just a touch.
  • Negotiation Training: Let's Make a Deal
    Smart buyers will always ask for a better price. Unfortunately, too many sales people and business owners automatically think that reducing their price is the most effective way to respond to this request.
  • Negotiation Training - Negotiating Your Way to a Better Deal
    It's a cutthroat commercialist world we're living in; and in order to survive, sales negotiation training is absolutely essential. Whether it's a business arrangement or a personal transaction, how well you negotiate can spell the difference between profitable gains and financial disaster. Here are some sales negotiation training guidelines to keep in mind so you're never at the losing end of a deal.
  • Smile and Walk Away Negotiation Strategy
    One of the best negotiation strategies you have when negotiating over the price of something is to get up and prepare to leave while saying, "Thanks for everything, but I'm not interested in the terms of this deal." You may also say something like, "This deal is not for me," or "I just can't do it at that price." Say this with a smile, shake their hand, and wish them all the best as you prepare to leave.
  • What's in a Name?
    When you're negotiating and someone calls you a name, does it throw you off your 'mental center of gravity,' anger you, cause you to strike, or want to strike back? To a degree, it probably depends on the name your opponent calls you. Nevertheless, be it a good name or a bad one, you should maintain the strategies and tactics that you've identified as being best suited to assist you in reaching your final goals.
  • Why Crying Works
    During sales negotiations, how do you try to appear to the other side of the table? Tough? Impartial? Unmoved? All of these terms describe how we traditionally view a negotiator. However, it turns out that sometimes the other side of the table uses a type of emotional intimidation as one of their negotiation styles or negotiating techniques in order to try to get their way. This can take the form of yelling or crying, but the goal is always the same: to get you to give in!
  • You Can't Play Win-Win with A Bully
    When being polite and understanding gets you nowhere, you may be trying to cooperate with a bully. It simply won't work. You must start by giving him a reason to listen to you.

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