One of the most difficult situations for an employee, is when he/she wants to ask for a salary raise. However, if you are well prepared and use the right approach then you can negotiate an amount of money that both you and your boss can be happy with. There's nothing wrong when asking for a raise, if you do it professionally.

And here are some suggestions:

First do some thinking. What are those negotiating techniques you could implement when asking for a salary raise? When is the best time to ask for a raise? What is the best way to ask for a raise? It all depends.

Stay focused. Prepare your mind for success. This is quite vital. If you don't expect your boss to listen to you then how do you expect to get a salary raise?

When negotiating your salary it's important to be flexible and have alternative plans. For example your boss may not offer you more money but different benefits like stock options, tuition reimbursement etc. Will you be happy then?

The majority of employers ask for a raise without even knowing their market. This is a big mistake. Do some salary and job research and see what other employees in your field earn. This will strengthen your position when negotiating your salary with your boss.

See what you worth in the market. You must think like a freelancer. Search for other job opportunities, talk to other companies, get offers, see what your value is in your area of expertise. You may need to make career moves. The bureau of labor statistics is a great resource. check it out.

Don't use your emotions to outsmart your boss. You will not win. Your boss is probably experienced enough to not fall for these techniques. Just don't bring emotions when negotiating your salary. Be professional and always give your boss enough time to think what he/she can do for you.

Take your future in your hands. Stop being manipulated by your employer. Get the salary raise you deserve using powerful psychological and other secret techniques. Make your plan, prepare yourself, start negotiating your salary [] and beat your boss! Good luck.

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