DENSO, a global automotive supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components, has returned again to Negotiation Training Institute for Win-Win Negotiations training. DENSO has partnered with NTI repeatedly for training in recent years. DENSO has come to value NTI’s understanding of their company culture and ability to customize training to match the unique needs of their staff. DENSO appreciates NTI’s collaborative approach to negotiations, and has experienced success with the Win-Win Negotiations training seminar in the past. They re-engaged with NTI in full confidence that the course would provide staff members with the skills and techniques they need to negotiate more successfully in any situation.

A Senior-Level Instructor and Negotiations Expert from Negotiation Training Institute will meet with DENSO staff members to deliver the Win-Win Negotiations training workshop. Participants in this intensive training event will learn the difference between Positional and Principled Negotiation, and gain an understanding of the importance of working toward win-win solutions to preserve long-term relationships with business partners. Attendees will also learn and practice key negotiations skills such as recognizing and neutralizing negotiation tactics, de-escalating conflict, and how to identify and apply concession strategies, improving their ability to create beneficial outcomes.

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About DENSO International
DENSO is a global automotive supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components, heading toward an automotive society where cars put less drag on the environment and drivers have fewer worries about traffic accidents.

DENSO's lead in developing this automotive society comes from anticipating the needs of automakers and closely partnering with customers right from the start. DENSO’s teams work quickly and diligently to manufacture products that show a commitment to safety and the environment, while at the same time punch up the level of driving comfort and convenience. Holding approximately 30,000 active patents worldwide – approximately 7,300 in the United States – DENSO is going all out to design groundbreaking systems and components tuned especially to consumers' specifications – whether they are drivers, passengers, pedestrians or society as a whole.

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