Cirrus Logic, a premiere supplier of high-precision analog and digital signal processing components for the audio and energy markets, recently partnered with The Negotiation Training Institute to repeat their Win-Win Negotiations training. Cirrus has partnered with NTI for training for many years on multiple training programs: Win-Win Negotiations, Exceptional Presentations, Productive Meeting Skills, and more. Cirrus finds that their workshops continue to deliver great results and benefits for participating employees. NTI's client-centered, flexible approach and high-impact training made them the obvious choice for Cirrus's current training needs, and they are proud to be called upon by Cirrus again.

A Win-Win Negotiations Training Expert and Senior Level Instructor with The Negotiation Training Institute met with Cirrus Logic staff members to deliver the Win-Win Negotiations training seminar in Austin, TX. Participants in this highly interactive negotiations training workshop learned key concepts such as the five phases of negotiation and what strategies to apply during each phase. Attendees also learned how to set negotiation expectations in advance, preparing parameters with a Wish, Aspiration, and Bottom Line. This establishment of boundaries will help them appropriately handle any offers or requests for concessions.

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About Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic, Inc. is a premier supplier of high-precision analog and digital signal processing components for the audio and energy markets.

Founded in 1984, Cirrus Logic excels at developing complex chip designs where feature integration and innovation is a premium. Cirrus Logic has more than 1,000 patents that are key to more than 700 products serving more than 2,500 end customers globally, through both direct and distributor-based channel sales.

The company's headquarters are in Austin, Texas, with offices in Tucson, Arizona, as well as international locations in Europe, China and Japan. Cirrus has also begun construction of its future headquarters building at 800 West 6th Street in downtown Austin.

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