"The negotiation training was one of the best corporate training sessions I have attended in my almost two decades working in Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies."

Renee Schlamp, Sales - Princeton, New Jersey

Excellent instructor. He kept me engaged throughout the training by adding some humor to the lessons, he shared real life examples that helped me understand the material, and he broke the lessons down to a level where it was easy to understand..."

Khalil Brookins, Wells Fargo - Charlotte, North Carolina

"Great instructor. Really engaging and gave a lot of good feedback. Definitely learned more about negotiations and how to continue to work outside of the class to get better at engaging in them."

Laura Fay, Engineer - Houston Texas

"Very good program. We covered a lot of material in two days. I took a negotiations class in college and this guy all the major points and tactics in only two days. "

Kyle Clifton - Houston Texas

"I was very pleased with the content of the session which was a balance of learning and applying the learning in practice. I felt the instructor did a great job facilitating the session and made the time very enjoyable and a great learning experience. Well done !"

Alex Kennedy - Sales

This negotiation training was not only educational and a great learning experience but fun as well."

Sarah Muenow - Charlotte, North Carolina

"The instructor put the class at ease in short order, made the material interesting by giving first hand examples and motivated us with the role playing exercises."

Dave Rosenthal, Project Manager - King City, California

"Just a quick follow up to let you know how much I enjoyed the negotiation workshop.
Michelle Williams was a very good instructor and a joy to work with. I will recommend this negotiation training to other members of our division."

Raya D. Zerger, MT(ASCP)SBB, Supervisor, Customer Complaint Handling, Olympus America Inc - DSG - Visalia, CA

"You have put together a negotiation skills training workshop that shoots right to the heart of negotiation methods. With practice sessions designed to re-enforce the skills taught in the seminar, this workshop is not only informative but FUN. A must for any individual placed in a position of negotiating purchases and dealing with dispute resolution."

Scott Gordon, Vice President, Unit Drilling Company Houston, Texas

"The negotiations class was very helpful. I especially liked the role play as well as the end case study on the second day. It's one thing to read/learn about different negotiation techniques, but quite another to actually be put in a situation where you have to use them!"

Lauren Horrigan, GE Supply Logistics - Los Angeles, California

"The class exceeded my expectations. At first when I was 'nominated' to go to the class because Phil or Pete couldn't attend I thought 'gee thanks' after the class I felt that Phil and Pete missed out. From the moment that Tom introduced himself with his enthusiasm to teach the class I knew that it wouldn't be boring. Tom spoke with confidence like from experience. The negotiating class is not one that should be rushed or taught in one day. I had plenty of work to do in my department for the 2 days I was in this class the knowledge that I gained it was worth it. I learned a lot from this class:

1) I know each of the negotiating styles

2) I learned my own style which taught me my strengths and weaknesses and

3) that research is the key.

I feel more confident on my approaches to negotiating. I really enjoyed the role playing and reviewing the results of each group. Tom never criticized anyone or commented on what someone could have done different. The results helped me to see the endless possibilities."

Maria Case, Bell Carter Olive - Corning, California

"I have recommended that the field engineers in our office take the Win Win Negotiations course as part of our professional development plan."

Mr. Matt Hartzell SEIS GROUP, INCVP Business Development 

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to express my satisfaction with the Win Win Negotiations class. I thought Mike did an excellent job leading us through the course material. There's a lot to cover in only two days. Mike was well organized and clear in his communication. I would recommend this course (and especially Mike) to any co worker."

Scott Gainey Sr. Manager, Business DevelopmentNetwork Appliance

"I attended your Contract Negotiations seminar in October of this year and was impressed as to how many facets of procurement enterprise buying were previously missed or unknown by me. Your Instructor was an industry expert (CPM certified) and taught us to over come concerns about purchasing, personal communications, neutralizing sales tactics and proper and professional management was thoroughly covered and practiced during the Case study and the six video taped role plays. Oh, thanks for keeping the lecture down to less than 20% of the class time. It was a hands on day of hard work. I loved it."

Margaret Chassell, Procurement Manager, USX Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I'd like to sincerely thank you for the excellent quality of the Win-Win negotiations course that your organization held for my group at AMD. The skills that were taught during the class have proven to be very valuable to my team. We engage in negotiations frequently, both inside the company and with outside vendors and partners. Negotiations range from very informal to extensive formal contractual negotiations.

The main benefit that I have seen in my employees is that they are really able to apply the concept of 'win-win' to their everyday activities. Several people indicated to me that their recent negotiations went smoothly and resulted in both sides getting what they want"

David Kaplowitz,Senior Division Manager,AMD - Austin, Texas

"It was my pleasure to attend the AEGIS negotiations workshop held this past September in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how practical and relevant I found this training to be. In my position I am often involved in the negotiation process, sometimes directly as the negotiator, other times in planning a negotiation strategy to carried out.

What I found most beneficial in the workshop was how you were able to identify for us nearly twenty different negotiation/manipulation tactics. The ability to put labels these tactics; know when and how to use them; and the ability recognize and neutralize them when they’re being used on you is very powerful indeed.

I consider myself a skilled negotiator, however after the workshop I was able to see how I tended to gravitate to certain tactics without realizing the many other options that were at my disposal.

Since returning to work I’ve added to my negotiating repertoire and enjoyed putting much of what I’ve learned into practice."

Jerry Rhoades, Portland General Electric Company; - Portland, Oregon

"Two thumbs up on your Win-Win Negotiations Workshop! Your instructors were Exuberant. So much energy and Retired State District Judge Lon Harper had great insight on useful techniques. I will recommend this workshop and your company to all my associates. I loved it"

Jackie Truesdell, TXU Communications - Katy, Texas

"The Win – Win class has been a great help to me in negotiations. We formally had a tendency to throw our "cheap" items on the table without asking for something in return and I am much more aware of this now. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot from it."

Kevin Belnap, Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments - Dallas, Texas

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your training in Negotiations! It defiantly came in handy in a recent meeting I had....in brief:

The Leaburg Community Center/Gymnasium is located in the Mckenzie Valley in the small town of Leaburg. It was built and has been apart of this community since 1931. The property it sits on (and the building itself) is owned by the local volunteer fire department. The building is contracted to the community center for rentals and maintenance. The property is several acres and also holds the current fire station. There has been a LONG time battle between the community and the fire department board regarding this center. The fire department has wanted to expand the current fire station for years.
Recently, they received special funding to do just that but at the cost of losing the community center. The people of this community have very strong emotional ties to the building and have taken on the fight to save the center! Although the building is in need of major repairs, as pointed out by the fire dept board, the community center board has researched and found feasible funding to accomplish these repairs with grants. The problem then was that the fire dept board (the owners) have to sign off the grants to start repairs. As this is not what they had wanted, they stalled. They requested every document proofing non profit status, insurance coverage, and insisted on a structural inspection. The community center board thought that by complying with all requests with no questions we would eventually win. But, this is not the case. We have come to a stand off with neither side giving in.
Finally, at our last meeting with the fire board I used your strategies to make a proposal that would hopefully end, not only the tension between the fire dept and the community but resolve this issue so that is benefits both sides. I used the if/then strategic and proposed that if the fire dept board would incorporate a community "room/gymnasium" in there plans for expansion and allow the community center board to rent the room under a long term contract, then we would allow the current building to revert back to the fire dept. This was met with surprising enthusiasm as a final overdue ending to a long standing dispute.

Thank you!

Michelle Wattier, Delinquency Control, Pentagon Federal Credit Union

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