Online Negotiation Training 

Online negotiation training classes, lead by an instructor, combines best practices, field work and coaching that is delivered in 60 to 90 minute sessions one day per week right to your desktop.

Leveraging sequential coaching sessions, employees lock in new negotiation skills by immediately applying them to their own business situations, with weekly field work assignments supported by our professional follow-up coaches during weekly sessions. The modules can be assembled in various sequences to address any skill gap.

These building blocks can be rapidly customized and delivered to impact any business area.

Our online training distills 30+ years of success with over 50% of the Fortune 500 by focusing on:

  • Processes – Best practices and strategies to empower teams to survive and thrive in today’s difficult business environment.
  • Technology – The most advanced tools and methods to help teams reach their goals faster and easier.
  • People – Skilled negotiation coaches and account negotiation executives help to provide support and instruction to each team member throughout this customized skill transformation experience.

"This 2-day win-win negotiation training seminar is concise and provides a great set of tools for the sales person to better understand their customers and more efficiently negotiate contracts. "

David Eveland - VP, Sales and Marketing , Philomath, Oregon

More on Affordable Negotiation Training

  • Drafting a Successful Statement of Work
    Creating a statement of work is not an easy task and can be time consuming but is well worth the effort. It may require negotiation training.
  • Don't Negotiate Against Yourself
    What did you do wrong? Think about your basic negotiation training! What you did wrong was not waiting for an answer. You must demand a counter-offer. Some negotiators cannot stand silence.