Online negotiation training classes, lead by an instructor, combines best practices, field work and coaching that is delivered in 60 to 90 minute sessions one day per week right to your desktop.

Leveraging sequential coaching sessions, employees lock in new negotiation skills by immediately applying them to their own business situations, with weekly field work assignments supported by our professional follow-up coaches during weekly sessions. The modules can be assembled in various sequences to address any skill gap.

These building blocks can be rapidly customized and delivered to impact any business area.

Our online training distills 30+ years of success with over 50% of the Fortune 500 by focusing on:

  • Processes – Best practices and strategies to empower teams to survive and thrive in today’s difficult business environment.
  • Technology – The most advanced tools and methods to help teams reach their goals faster and easier.
  • People – Skilled negotiation coaches and account negotiation executives help to provide support and instruction to each team member throughout this customized skill transformation experience.

"This 2-day win-win negotiation training seminar is concise and provides a great set of tools for the sales person to better understand their customers and more efficiently negotiate contracts. "

David Eveland - VP, Sales and Marketing , Philomath, Oregon

More on Affordable Negotiation Training

  • 5 Reasons Everyone Needs It
    When it becomes clear to both sides in a negotiation that they are savvy, many of the gimmicks, ploys, and dirty tricks are discouraged. This is helpful all around, because it reinforces the serious business purpose that is to be served through well-informed bargaining.
  • 6 Steps to Build Better Negotiations
    Consultants who take time to build a client relationship are more likely to survive through the difficult times.
  • A Checklist Of The Ten Things You Must Do To Be An Effective Negotiator
    Contrary to what some believe, negotiation is not a game. Games have rules whereas negotiation has none... anything can, and often does, happen. Games have procedures, whilst negotiation is often subject to uncertainty and alternatives are frequently proposed and considered.
  • A Short Checklist To Help You Plan For A Successful Negotiation
    Successful negotiation is all about preparation. If you have not given prior consideration to the other party's position, you will struggle to understand their breakpoint let alone drive them towards it.
  • Build Better Relationships with Negotiating Training
    What do better relationships have to do with negotiating training? For anyone who values long-term success over short-term profitability, the two are actually intimately connected.
  • Don't Negotiate Against Yourself
    Remember to wait for that counter-offer. If you don't you will be negotiating against yourself, and you will only have yourself to blame.
  • Do You Make These Confidence Mistakes When Negotiating?
    Every single person - whether ordinary citizen to business owner and professional negotiates. Whether it's a product, service, idea or message - everyone wants someone else to believe.
  • Drafting a Successful Statement of Work
    A Statement of Work (SOW) is a companion document to the services agreement that consists of a narrative description of the products or services to be supplied.
  • Effective Negotiating - The Key To Sales Success
    No two persons agree on all things. When people come together to work out a deal, they try to maximize their benefits and minimize their costs. Each person places a different value on individual elements of the deal.An effective negotiation is not just about making people see things from your point of view, but it is also about converging two different views to a point that is perceived by both parties as mutually beneficial.
  • How to Ask For a Pay Raise - The Do's and Don'ts on How to Ask For a Pay Raise!
    Asking for a pay rise can be a stressful and worrying prospect. However more and more we are forced to go beyond the boundaries of company reviews and request more money as individual bargaining becomes more commonplace. Here is a simple list of Do's and Don't to help you get that raise!
  • How to Get a Better Deal - Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate!
    If you want to learn how to get a better deal, then you're reading the right article. Step closer, I don't want just everyone to hear these negotiating tips I'm about to share with you. Are you looking to get a great deal on that car or house or boat or job? Then pay attention to these great negotiating tips on how to get a better deal.
  • How to Successfully Negotiate
    Improving you sales negotiation skills by using these four negotiation steps can directly affect your commissions, bonuses and sales targets. Salespeople negotiate with their clients all the time on price, delivery date, scope of agreement or to iron out the details on a large complex contract. It does not need to be painful.
  • How To Talk Like A Mediator Part 3
    The parties are often upset when they are taking to the mediator alone in caucus. One side might be angry, distraught, and accusatory and say things that would solicit a negative response if unedited. To relay the party's position, the Mediator often needs to change the tone so that the response can keep the mediation going. Here are some examples of toning down the language.
  • Negotiating Concessions
    First of all, effective negotiation skills will NEVER make up for poor selling skills or attitudes. With that as a given, let's look at some of the negotiation problems common to many salespeople today. Let me give you four basic negotiation concession concepts/premises, and then a little more detail on them.
  • Negotiating Through Strength - While not Displaying Anger
    When you negotiate, how strong are you? To be more exact, how strong is the image you project, your position, and the proposition that you make? Your positioning and image play a great role in the overall outcome of the negotiation.
  • Negotiating With People of Prestige and Power
    Sometimes, when we negotiate with people that we perceive as having more authority, power, or prestige, than ourselves, we become fearful or intimidated. Then, we tend not to negotiate with them as firmly as we might with other individuals. This can occur for several reasons ...
  • Put It In Writing
    "Put it in writing!" You've heard it a hundred times. But as much as you may think it's an overused business term, the truth is that the practice of actually putting things in writing is not. We all know that every important agreement and arrangement should be put on paper, but too often we get complacent, or even too embarrassed to ask for it.
  • Salary Negotiation: Don't Be Emotional
    One of the most difficult situations for an employee, is when he/she wants to ask for a salary raise. However, if you are well prepared and use the right approach then you can negotiate an amount of money that both you and your boss can be happy with. There's nothing wrong when asking for a raise, if you do it professionally.
  • The Fine Art of Negotiation
    It may sound like a trite phrase but truly negotiation is a learned skill. It is something that puts you personally and professionally in the driver's seat and once you have that skill, you can barter for goods in Tijuana or with major companies for goods and jobs.
  • What Makes Effective Negotiation Training?
    When facing sales negotiating - or any other type of negotiation situation - the first step is to assess your own interests as well as those of the other parties involved.
  • When You Negotiate Check Emotions
    When you negotiate, what role do you play during the negotiation? Do you give consideration to how your role is perceived, or the role your negotiation partner plays and how she wishes her role to be perceived?
  • When you Negotiate Check Your Perception
    When you negotiate, do you make allowances for the manner in which you perceive things? If you know you're the type of person that possesses prejudices towards a particular situation, people, or things, you should prepare to address those situations before they occur in a negotiation.
  • When You Negotiate, What Do You Focus On?
    When you negotiate, if you can help it, never take a win-lose approach to negotiating. Focus on what you want from the negotiation, but also pay attention to how you can help the other person get what they want.

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