Contract Negotiation Course 

Participants learn to unleash their negotiation power. In this highly interactive case study driven Contract Negotiation Skills course, the emphasis is on the process of negotiating the contract itself—the legal document that governs the business relationship between the parties. The course highlights the practices that world class business managers must be aware of when negotiating contracts, and how to avoid the pitfalls of simple contract terms and conditions. Through a series of case studies participants learn an easy to use process approach to building successful contract driven relationships. The participants learn and display all the key considerations and steps involved in planning, conducting, and documenting contract negotiations. Real-world case studies based on current construction, engineering, and advanced procurement examples expose the participants to perspectives of both buyers and sellers and how to maximize their position in real life situations.

Strategies, tactics, and counter-tactics for improving Contract Negotiation Skills are discussed and the terms and conditions of when to use them and when to merely neutralize them is emphasized. Practical exercises teach participants how solid analysis of business and project risks during business development can translate into successfully negotiated contracts. Learning how to analyze terms and conditions, how to recognize potentially risky and unacceptable terms, and how to negotiate successful deals by overcoming obstacles are introduced in a measurable format. The course includes proven best practices used by successful companies worldwide. This data is based on the Conference Board’s propriety data by specific engineering, construction, major oil companies and oil service related firms. 


"Great interactive negotiation course. I think everyone in an industry that requires negotiation (which is virtually everyone in a business setting) should take this course."

Nancy Zhao, EDF

"The negotiation course was much more than what I expected"

Mary Anne Britton, Senior Buyer - Novi Michigan

Top-rated Negotiation Course