Negotiation Skills Training For Purchasing 

In a sluggish economy, both your company and your suppliers will be angling for the best deals. Here's how both can win! Suppliers are frequently far better trained in negotiations than the purchasers who deal with them. This hands-on course helps restore the advantage to the purchasing professional. You'll gain insight into your own negotiating strengths and weaknesses-and then structure your own strategic and tactical negotiating "master plan."

Purchasing vice presidents, directors and managers; purchasing agents; newly appointed and experienced buyers and consultants and executives in the logistics and materials management functions will experience a workshop that will give them the upper hand in the purchasing world once and for all. The Art of Principled Negotiations is a set of skills you and your employees will be able to use in any and all negotiation situations.


"I thoroughly enjoyed this negotiation skills training! Jeremy is an excellent fit for this course! He presented material in a way that I will easily remember. He made learning this material FUN! I will start using the course handouts immediately. "

Peggy Jude
Project Manager
Columbus, Ohio  


Exceptional Negotiation Skills Training